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Contract Production Ltd offer a range of sub-contract electronic manufacturing services across a variety of industries. From one-off prototypes to volumes in the tens of thousands, our mission is to deliver high-quality products on time every time.

Our customers cover a range of high technology market sectors including instrumentation, test and measurement and monitoring and for each of these customers, we provide a range of different services, each tailored to suit their own individual needs.

From our North Yorkshire manufacturing site, we embrace modern manufacturing principles but pride ourselves on providing traditional service levels.

PCB Assembly

Contract Production specialise in the manufacture of SMT, THP and mixed technology boards that demand the highest levels of quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of PCB panel batch sizes from prototypes and one-offs, through to mid-sized contract volumes.

Whether you require surface mount technology assembly, plated through-hole assembly or a combination of both, we are able to offer you a total PCB Assembly solution at a competitive price.


If you require the manufacture of a single PCB prototype to progress your development work or a pre-production batch for customer testing, Contract Production will work in collaboration with you to ensure that the quality, cost and delivery of your prototypes are all acceptable to your needs.

We appreciate that development plans often slip, and that’s where we can help. Our skilled workforce and advanced technology can offer you the option of a fast PCB prototype turnaround to help steer your project back on track.

Box Build

We can offer you a range of custom Box Build options at Contract Production. Whether you require only board-level assembly with surface mount technology (SMT) or plated through-hole assembly (THP), sub-module or complete final product assembly we can support you, by saving you time and money.

We will work in partnership with you to provide a complete Box Build solution, matched to your exact requirements. Due to the specialist industries that our customers' service we understand the importance of assembling high-quality Box Builds.

Engineering and Design

Contract Production has access to teams who can design innovative electronic solutions, products and circuits for all market sectors from environmental to industrial, medical and consumer products. The areas of expertise include nearly all aspects of electronics, so we can work from a concept and deliver a working product.

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