“Honesty, Openness and a No-Nonsense Attitude” - What Gives Manufacturing Its Appeal?

By Contract Production
schedule3rd Feb 21

“It could be argued that there’s never been a better time to begin a career in manufacturing and Contract Production offers one of the best places in Yorkshire to develop it” says Simon Norris, Contract Production’s Managing Director.

Contract Production Ltd (CPL) is a subcontract electronics manufacturer based in the North Yorkshire town of Pickering. With more than a decade’s experience in the industry, CPL offers a one-stop solution for electronics manufacturing services, backed by a wealth of technical expertise and a genuine passion for technology. CPL’s slogan, “the heartbeat of your production”, perfectly embodies the vein in which all their work is conducted, and the manner of the relationships forged with their clients.

The last decade has seen CPL support some of the UK’s biggest names across multiple industries, as well as nurturing new enterprises taking their first steps into an incredibly competitive marketplace. The team at CPL is always on-hand to help businesses, whether well-established or new to the game, navigate the complex world of electronics manufacturing. CPL has become the electronics manufacturing partner of so many organisations because they offer: quick turnaround times, which result in faster time-to-market; supply chain management, which takes the stress out of component procurement; and a comprehensive range of electronics manufacturing solutions, which help simplify the manufacturing process.

In what is too often seen as an industry that lacks excitement, CPL inspires enthusiasm and creativity among its people. At CPL, the focus is less on the physical goods, i.e. printed circuit board assemblies, and instead, frames the work they do as providing innovative and creative electronics solutions to the technological challenges of the 21st century. 

By becoming “the heartbeat” of a production process, every person involved in the manufacture of a PCB assembly, from the team of dedicated production engineers through to the Managing Director, becomes part of the success story. Each person plays a specific role in the development of an innovative and creative electronics solution. Being part of something bigger and knowing what role you’ve played in a project is essential in the modern working world, even more so in the manufacturing industry.

CPL believes it makes a career in the manufacturing industry more appealing. Being a Yorkshire-based organisation goes to the core of CPL’s approach to business: honesty, openness, and a no-nonsense attitude, which is lived by each member of the team. It is something that sets CPL apart from many of its competitors and makes it an inviting place to pursue a career in manufacturing. Focussing on people, putting them front and centre and emphasising the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’, is something that most of us seek in any career.

By making manufacturing more appealing to work in, CPL continues to support the industry, both locally and nationally, helping to keep vital jobs and skills in the UK. Additionally, recent investments of £4 million in equipment, recruitment and staff development, and infrastructure, further cement CPL’s place as a key supporter of the UK manufacturing industry.

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